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About Chanel LaCroix | @big__ch1 on Instagram

African Diva @big__ch1 It is a rare sight for an authentic African diva to work with Shore Thang, and this makes Chanel Lacroix quite a sight and a person of great interest. Born and raised in Nigeria, Chanel Lacroix is a busty, curvaceous plus-size model. Having grown up in a vibrant country, it is unsurprisingh at Lacroix has a lot of style, there is more to her than a magnet-like personality that pulls people to her. Her shows this At the time of this writing, Chanel had amassed over 160k followers on Instagram. She uses the handle name @Big__ch1 on Instagram, sharing pictures and videos about herself and a bit of her personal life while having fun. @big__ch1 Social Media Legacy Chanel’s social media presence is on YouTube and Instagram, where she shares various videos of herself. Her main content is fashion try-on hauls, where she works with reputable fashion brands like Shein and others to promote fashion trends for plus-size women. Her social media likening comes from her confidence and daring personality that seek to challenge the norms and societal standards around beauty. It is particularly inspiring that the societal standards around what defines a model and beauty lean […]

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